About Mushie Works!

Hi! my name is kayelee and im the owner, designer, and operator of Mushie Works Stationery & Gift Shop! Just a little intro to me and my shop, i am mother of one wonderful son and wife to my amazing husband. I am a arts and crafts freak and if im not working or doing mom duties, im crafting! 

I started to journal 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with trichotillomania and horrible anxiety. it helped me channel my hair pulling and stress into something that i could be creative and free of my mental set backs. And now we are here, im running my own stationery business and im getting ready to expand this little baby of mine. im so proud of all the hard work I've put into mushie works. When i first started I was doubted by people close to me "prove to me that you can do this and not fail" and boy did that light a fire under my ass.

so thank you if you've gotten this far because you truly care about me, my thoughts and my shop. please enjoy mushie works, let it help you create magical places that you can escape to when your having a not so great day.

Good bye for now my little mushies<3

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